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Ethics Summary Essay

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Ethics Game Dilemmas Reflection Sumary

In this summary I will explain the ethical issues that took place in the simulation that was presented. During which I will explain my decision-making steps as will as the different perspectives I use to make my decisions. Finally the summary will show what influenced my decisions and explain how these concepts work in my current workplace.
The issues that were present were first was whether I should use information obtained by an employee to discipline another employee for violating the NDA. With that said, the employee that gave me the information retrieved the information illegally and violated the other employee’s privacy. The second issue was how to develop a security policy that provides for employees’ physical safety and accommodates special needs.
I will admit the first thing I thought was personally I think it is unethical to invade someone’s privacy like that with out any permission to do so. I also know that it is ...view middle of the document...

Not saying I would fire him but give a warning and maybe a suspension so he knows the seriousness of this offense.
As for the second issue in which I needed to develop a security policy that provides for employees’ physical safety and accommodates special needs, I first need to look at all my employees first. The reason I do this is to understand what the needs are and be professional and cover all basis before implementing a rule or standard. Communicating with HR and different department heads help aide in making the decision.
Both issues are completely different from one another and they need to be handled in different ways. For the first issue I looked at the outcome and what’s right through the eyes of the law first, then through the company’s vision and ethical code. After understanding both and the relation they play to each possible outcome, this is how I came to the decision I did for that issues. In the case of developing physical safety, I needed to look at what is in the law as well and then communicate with other departments to cover all bases before making any decision.
The perspectives from all parties played a big role in making the decision because getting all the information and point of views from others are always good things. Making a decision because you give yourself options. Putting your own ethics on the side and taking into account what laws and the companies vision on ethics as well as other managers in the company can only help you make the best possible decision.
I personally feel these concepts don’t really relate in the same way for the company I work for because mine deal with working with people as like a one to one. I mean the company has a vision on what is their code of ethics as well as following the law. But we have the ability in our company to change at any give moment if we do not feel that it’s a right case for us. Meaning we have general ethics which is not to abuse out patients, or give out personal information and things like that. But if we are on a case and feel it is not ethical for us personally, we can tell our supervisors that the case and what is going on is not ethical or something we cant do and they will find us a case that suits us.

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