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Ethics Of Management Essay

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Week 3 - Ethics of Management

Based on this week’s readings, I believe Sam should let the board of directors know about the sexual harassment charges that caused Bud to be fired from his previous employment. Even if Bud didn’t sexually harass his secretary, the board of directors have a right to know for the organization sake.
By answering Badaracco’s (2002) four questions and Hosmer’s (2012) approach to solve ethical dilemmas, it is clear that Sam has an ethical responsibility both to himself and the organization to let the board of directors know about Bud’s past sexual harassment claim. The first question Badaracco (2002) recommends is to figure out what is the best net-net in this ...view middle of the document...

The next question Badaracco (2002) recommends to ask is whom must we protect. This question is also very similar to Hosmer’s (2012) approach to answer ethical questions by considering the legal requirements. If Bud has habits of saying jokes that may be interpreted as inappropriate and women being hurt by it or uncomfortable, then the company must protect the women in the company. Women have rights and it is the law to not be sexually harassed. The third question Badaracco (2002) recommends to ask is what am I saying about my beliefs. Therefore Sam has to figure out if he will be satisfied with telling the complete truth about Bud`s past work experience. By telling the complete truth, consciously he will be clear and shows good character by putting his organization first before his friendship. If Bud were to be hired and actually sexually harassed one of Sam`s coworkers then Sam would feel responsible because he didn`t let the board of directors know. By telling the board of directors he relieves himself of all responsibility. This third question also goes hand in hand with Hosmer`s (2012) evaluating ethical duties. The last question is to ask what will work, which...

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