Ethics Case Study Student Gets A Better Job Offer

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Ethics Case Study - Student Gets a Better Job Offer
Step 1: Recognize: Define the ethical problem from all perspectives.
• The student did not tell company B after accepting to work there that he already accepted to work company A.
• The student did not notify career services office about any of this.
Step 2: Clarify the Facts
• The student agreed to work for company A at the beginning, because he did not hear from company B (yet).
• The student later was accepted to work for company B; since this was his first choice he accepted that offer as well.
• The student went back on his words and declined company A after already accepting it.
• Career services office only found out ...view middle of the document...

Step 5: Decide and Implement Decision
I would choose to pick option number two, to just stay working for company A. The student will talk to company B and explain to them what happened; that he preferred to work with them however that he did commit to work for company A and that he thinks what he did was unethical as well as not acceptable.
Step 6: Evaluate Consequences of Decision
This way is the most “ethically correct” in my opinion to try and repair the damage. The chances are that he would have been more successful in company B, but that is not the way to start working at a new job. Also, in the future he could go work wherever else he wishes without having a permanent stain on his word.
Step 7: Re-affirm the Ethical Issue and the results of the Ethical Decision
• Positive: Did the right thing in staying with company A; told the truth to company B.
• Negative: Does not change the fact that he committed to both companies; could have been more successful at company B.

Ethics Case Study - Pegasus International, Inc.

Step 1: Recognize: Define the ethical problem from all perspectives.
• Tom Oswald, the CEO does not know if he is willing to risk paying off people in china just to get additional business.
Step 2: Clarify the Facts
• Oswald would not actually be the one paying off the people, it would be the contractors.
• He will sign a disclosure statement which will be a lie because he does know that bribery will happen.
• All the other companies payoff people, and if he does not his company will lose $100 million of business per year.
Step 3: Create Alternatives
• Do not go into business with China at all.
• Hire contractors to bribe people for the company and do business with China.
• Try to find other countries to develop the wireless business in.
• Get the license approved city-by-city, district by district.
Step 4: Evaluate Alternatives (short/long term...

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