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2. Ethical Theories used to justify Anglo-American’s Obligation to the ethical issue in Chilean Mines

2.1 Virtue Ethics: In virtue ethical theory, an individual is judged by his character rather than by his actions that may deviate from his normal behavior (Fraedrich, Ferrel and Ferrel, 2009). In Chile’s case, application of virtue ethics justifies the following mishaps:
Fairness: With Research gathered from the case study, contract workers are assigned much more dangerous tasks with great risks of injury towards their health i.e. the company uses these workers for a certain period of time and do away with them once younger stronger workers become available while protecting their full ...view middle of the document...

Value: Anglo-American claims to adhere by the Global code of ethics, which clearly states the respect of persons regardless of their background, Anglo-American have not fulfilled this law as they disrespect and dishonor the miners in Chile, while such behavior wont be tolerated in the UK their this speaks largely on how they disrespect people and lays a great emphasis on their integrity.

2.2 Ethics of rights: Ethical theories based on rights are created on basis of a community/state/country whom are protected and given highest priority. Additionally individual/organisations may also impose rights upon others if they have the power and resources to do so (Fraedrich et al 2009).
Human rights: Due to over exploitation of workers and overzealous situations during working and off hours. Miners are humans and should be treated as such, hence workplace harassments and discriminations (Manuel, 2005) between various classes of workers should be discouraged, rather further negotiations and further settlements should be discussed to address the issue.
Rights and Obligation: Information and data collected from the case study and external shows rights of the workers have being tampered with i.e. Anglo American provides workers with low health and pension benefits after years of commitment to offices as well as health risks as over 200,000 former workers suffer from a life respiratory disease silicosis and they refuse to take responsibility for their actions (Facing Finance, 2013). Moreover, full time workers were entitled to rights of a union while contract workers were denied these rights on the saying that they were third class workers thus this lead to accumulated anger which finally resulted to company damage in theft, looting and fires (Reuters, 2014).
From the above justification, it has being observed that the Government, CEOs and...

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