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Ethical Standards Essay

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Raquel P. Salavaria May 15, 2016
PUP MPA - OU Dr. Juan C. Birion

Reaction Paper
R.A. 6713
Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees

As for me, R.A. 6713 “Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees” has a tasteful substance and form in it. It is informational and comprehensible, but I find it in the context of idealism because of high standards set for behavior and honesty and theoretical in nature, in the sense that these standards reflect what the government wants to happen but in reality this is not truly the way it is. Nonetheless, the Philippine government deserve to be applauded for having enacted this law. It brought ...view middle of the document...

A.6713 still falls weak but being weak does not mean failure. Sections 5,6,10,11 & 12 of R.A.6713 that deals more on the technical aspects, is enforceable and attainable. Administrative processes compliance can be checked and verified through internal and external audit or certification programs conducted every year or so. On the other hand, Sections 4,7 & 8 are impeccable but honestly, the government has no control over human behavior. They could enact thousands of guidelines on norms of conduct, or even impose grievous penalties and punishment for unlawful acts but they cannot dictate the behavior that the people should possess. Let’s say, there is one public official who would over price their projects just to benefit from it, I neither do not want to believe that he was brought up like that nor he is not aware that it is unlawful but because his colleagues taught him to do that, he may choose to do it not because his values and principles dictate it but because his environment could influence his decision. This scenario in the government is supported by what functionalism says: “A human person adapts to his environment while environment influences their behavior”. Though people may have strong personal values and principles in life to influence their decision, let us not deny the fact that the environment could also influence our choice much stronger of whether or not to choose what is the right path. Therefore, the government must exert intensive efforts to create an environment free from unlawful acts through proper selection and placement of people while discharging those who rot the system at the same time continuously inculcate to public officials and employees what a good public servant should be. Moreover, all this and more should begin from one righteous leader of this country.

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