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Ethical Soul Essay

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Personal Ethics Statement: An Ethical Soul
Elisa Gwilliam
Concordia University

Personal Ethics Statement: An Ethical Soul
Life is a journey of experimental learning. Ethics are an important part of our journey, as they help us navigate the point at which our inner being intersects with the world. This paper will examine Palmer, Borgmann, and Willard definitions of the soul and their reflection on the caring of the core ethical self. Finally, it will examine where the soul is being disposed to unethical activities as well as ethical flourishing.
Soul Ethics
Body, mind and soul. Authors throughout time have pondered the development and relationship amongst the three. What is the ...view middle of the document...

Palmer (2009) defines the soul as “the objective, ontological reality of selfhood” (p. 33). The functions of the soul can be explained without exposing the mystery of the soul. Palmer states (2009) that the soul wants us “to be rooted in the ground of our own being,” to keep us connected to the community we find life,” “to tell the truth,” and “to give us life so we can pass it along” (p. 33). To care for the soul Palmer suggest that we learn to “practice presence” (p. 61). By sitting in the presence of others we have the ability to create a space between us that is sacred – a place where the soul can express itself. By making the time to participate in a community, or circle of trust, our souls can emerge.
Understanding what the soul is and how it can be cared for is just the beginning. Recently the news has been full of breaches of ethics in religion, business, and other areas where we have depended on authority figures to protect us, grow our investments, and uphold our trust. In my heart I don’t believe many of these people set out to commit unethical acts. Rather they steered off course slowly as their ego, emotions and the world’s opinion were allowed to take over the decision-making and guide the way. The problem with bending ethics is that somebody always gets hurt in order to satisfy someone else’s desire. As I look out at the ethical failings in the larger world around me, I also have to look within and ask where my own ethics need strengthening. Where do I bend moral concepts to justify my own actions? If I long for an ethical world, I must help build...

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