Ethical Issues In Digital Media Essay

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Ethical Issues with Digital Media
Ethics in digital media involves the moral problem that is associated with the adoption of new communication technologies in daily activities. New advancement of technology has resulted in different techniques that have altered the manner in which business and other activities are undertaken in the world. Examples of digital media are online journalism, blogging sites, and social media. The major concern in the ethics of digital media is the effect of information that is transmitted through these channels. Ordinarily, the role of digital media is to act as a medium of communication. However, in the case that the accuracy of the information is ...view middle of the document...

Further, the mortgages were later released and sold back across the world to all financial institutions. As a consequent, the effects of the financial crisis are spread uniformly across all sectors that affect human life. For example, it had severe and detrimental effect to the media because it played an integral part in the crisis. As such, the ethical problem in the digital media after the aftermath of the global recession forced the media stakeholders to restructure its cost control measures through retrenchments of staff, reduced investigative reporting, and less international coverage of news.
The Digital Media
The media is a significant +tool in initiating development of a society. This is through providing information that is fundamental in creating awareness for development to take place. However, the effects of media to the society cannot be ignored has it has great impacts to the social and political situation in a society. The social and political life of a group of people can change depending on how the elements of media have been demonstrated. The manner in which the media reports and the targeted audience have a great influence on how people integrate socially and politically. The choice of reporting is mainly affected by media bias and freedom. Therefore, there should be a universal policy to ensure media neutrality and reporting to reduce the social and political impacts of the media to the society.
Role of Digital Media
The media form an integral part of communication and distribution o f vital information across the world. Communication has been made easier through the mass media by the use of radios, print media, internet, and telecommunications. This has spurred transfer of knowledge because important information can be found and transmitted through the mass media. Development and economic activities have benefitted a lot from the media, as there has been effective communication that makes it possible to transmit and receive feedback immediately. As the technology about the media continues to advance so does the lives of people in the world because day-to-day activities are made easier and effective.
The mass media plays an important and fundamental role in bridging the geographical gap between people in the world. Communication is made possible through sending influential texts that are received on an extended area leading to a great impact on the society. The term old media does not conventionally mean its natural perception as old media does not exist. In media studies, old media may well mean traditional media, which is predisposed to have existed for some time before it has been replaced by the current media. The television and the radio are among the old media that have existed for a long time and has a great impact to individual’s lives in the society. All people in the society use the old media, but are highly embraced in areas where the new media has reached due to technological connections. The services...

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