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Ethical Issues Essay

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Ethical Issues

Organizational Behavior/BUS610

April 30, 2012


An ethical decision is made up of moral issues and choices. The choices a person makes are ones he or she has to live with despite the moral implications or consequences. There are several reasons that a person decides whether they will choose the positive or negative way. These different ways will be discussed in this paper. The best way to influence positive ethical decision making is to be a positive influence.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was established with harsh penalties and higher accountability ...view middle of the document...

Personality characteristics can also determine which path a person will take morally.


Gender is also said to determine ethical values. There were 113 studies done that found women less interested in rights and rules than men, even though belief is that both have different moral orientations (Kinicki, Kreitner, 2009).

Organizations can influence ethical behavior by establishing a code of conduct and organizational culture. By establishing codes of conduct the corporation can state how they would like their employees to act. In larger companies rewards can be given for good ethical conduct, since some studies show that unethical behavior is more common in the larger workplace (Kinicki, Kreitner, 2009).

Management researchers have developed these recommendations for improving job ethics: (Kinicki, Kreitner 2009).

Behave ethically yourself. Managers are role models that employees follow.

Screen potential employees. By screening management can weed out those employees

that misrepresent themselves on resumes and application.

Develop of code of ethics. Explain to the employee that these rules are supported

by management and will be rewarded if followed. Strict penalties will also apply

if not followed.

Provide ethics training. Teach the employee what is right and wrong, through videos and


Reinforce ethical behavior.

Create a group to deal with ethics on a day to day basis.


Create a workplace where...

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