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Ethical Consideration Essay

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1.Delay recording and paying $5,000 in bills owed at the end of the year until the beginning of next year.

Delaying the payment of $5,000 will overstate the net operating income by understating the expenses incurred during this year. Which will affect the Return on Investment during this year. If the expense in not billed then the ROI this year will be (30,800/140,000)= 22% but the expense is deducted from the operating income then the ROI becomes ...view middle of the document...

This will decrease the investment by $3000 which will result in understated investment. So the ROI will become {30,800/(140,000-3,000)}= 22.5% instead of 18.32%.

This will help Ryan to get bonus this year and increase the chance of getting more return on investment from stores next year.
These actions are unethical in accordance to IMA’s Statement of Ethical Professional Practice. The reasons are stated below:
This practice hampers the “Integrity” standard of the professional. The standard states that “ Abtain from engaging in or supporting any activity that might discredit the profession” and also “Credibility” which is ‘Communicate information fairly and objectively’. The scenerio also violates the standard of “Competence” which states that ‘Provide decisions support information and recommendations that are accurate, clear, concise and timely’

What sould Mary do in this situation are the followings:
* Because Ryan is her supervisor and he is involved in the unethical conduct; she should inform this matter to higher authority. She should submit the issue to the management level.
* She can also discuss with the IMA Ethics Counselor for better course of action.

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