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Ethical Concerns In Nursing Essay

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Ethics: Are a branch of philosophy which seeks to address questions about morality; that is, about concepts such as good and bad, right and wrong, justice and virtue. Moral principles in health ethics:
Autonomy: is the process of including clients in their health care decisions.
* Informed Consent

Beneficence: is the act of taking positive action to help others, it encourages people to do good for others and working in the best interest of the clients.
* Performing a task for a patient that otherwise is not necessary but makes the client feel more at ease. For example crushing their pills in applesauce, at their request, even though they are perfectly capable ...view middle of the document...

If you indicate that the patient has pain and do not appropriately monitor and try to control that pain you have not kept your promise to the patient.

Code of Ethics: a set of guiding principles that all members of a profession accept. The purpose of the nursing code of ethics is to is to inform the public about minimum professional standards, providing a sign of the profession’s commitment to the public, outlining major ethical considerations of the profession, providing ethical standards for professional behavior, guiding the profession in self-regulation and reminding nurses of the special responsibility they assume when caring for the sick. The code undergoes annual review where a committee gages the current code of ethics to reflect changes in nursing practice. However the core values of the code of ethics remain constant.
* Advocacy: The support of a cause. Nurses advocate for many things, patient rights, safety and health, hospital resources, fair work practices.
* As a patient advocate you follow institutional policies to ensure client safety and report any substandard care that you observe on behalf of a healthcare worker that may potentially affect the client in a negative way.

* Responsibility: This refers to the nurse’s willingness to respect obligations and follow through on promises. Nurses play an active role in patient care and as such are responsible for remaining competent in practice so that they can perform their responsibilities with confidence.
* Nurses must renew their licenses periodically and should strive to stay current with new findings in medical research and evidence based practice in order to best serve their clients.

* Accountability: The ability to accept responsibility for one’s own actions. As a nurse you are responsible for making sure that your actions are explainable, what you are doing for the client is medically relevant, within your scope and necessary, to both the client and your employer. Your employer will also play a role in this by monitoring your individual and your facilities compliance with national standards such as those set forth by The Joint Commission and the ANA. The hospital will also employ a compliance officer and/or maintain a hotline where issues can be reported. The following are examples of standards for monitoring and protecting nursing practices.
* Monitoring provision of client education about smoking cessation for all client populations
* Establishing national standards for continuing education and curriculum development for nursing schools
* Protection of ethical decision making, by requiring health care institutions to create an accessible multidisciplinary forum for discussion about ethical issues.

* Confidentiality: HIPPA, HIPPA, HIPPA. HIPPA was established in 1996 to mandate the confidential protection of client’s personal health information. This legislation defines the...

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