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Ethical And Socially Responsive Business Essay

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Effective Communication will help with better understanding of each other, and have a broader perspective. With effective communication bring more confidence, admiration, and a better work environment where we as people would be able to excel within the work place, having more creative thoughts, being able to problem solve more complex situations. Effective communication is good to have so that both parties will be able to convey the message in which each will understand. It will also help with everyday life setting whether it be dealing with work related relationships , or personal life.
I have a experience a few times where I was to use effective communication in the workplace. One time I can recall, ...view middle of the document...

It soon became a problem where it was becoming noticeable in the work place, and affecting my quality of work. Not only was the discrepancy affecting me and work-related relationship with my co-worker, but it was also affecting my team as well.
One day after about a week or so, my co-worker and I had a sit down, and went over the situation that had occurred a few weeks ahead. My co-worker and I both went over the pros and cons on why the client should and shouldn't have been granted financing for the company in which they applied. We finally came to a mutual agreement regarding the financing credited to the client, we had to put of differences aside, and do what was best the team, and not allow our stubbornness to affect our job performance.
In other instances, where I have used effective communication to a convey a message to and from my manager, If I have been assigned a task, and I receive the message in a far more complex way to my understanding I would communicate my interpretation of the message to imply that I am understanding what is being asked of me.
Without communicate, there would be misunderstanding, conflicts, always problems within the workplace. Effective communication is needed for efficiency, employee, and client satisfaction, and to improve quality and job performance. Also gives it gives the ability to express ourselves well, verbally or non verbal. And in dealing with relaying, and receiving messages, also being able to handle the daily issues and concerns within the workplace.

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