Eth125 Week 5 Test Essay

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1. In 1882, Congress enacted legislation prohibiting the immigration of
a. Hawaiians.
b. Japanese.
c. Chinese.
d. all of these

2. Curanderismo refers to
a. illegal immigrants from Mexico.
b. feminist views by Mexican American women.
c. a form of holistic health care and healing.
d. godparent-godchild relationship.

3. The policy of separate but equal was defined as __________ by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1896.
a. reasonable
b. discriminatory
c. racist
d. unacceptable

4. The culture of poverty is
a. based on conflict theory.
b. a way of not holding individuals responsible for their poor choices.
c. a way of holding policy makers responsible for social ...view middle of the document...

c. Provision VII.
d. slave codes.

10. The Emancipation Proclamation
a. was eradicated by the Supreme Court.
b. worsened the state of the slave status.
c. freed the slaves in the Confederacy.
d. freed all slaves.

11. After a series of attacks on Jewish homes, the Christian community in Billings, Montana did which of the following?
a. Placed menorahs in their windows as a symbol of support
b. Tried to convert the Jews to Christianity
c. Assisted in the identification and arrest of the men responsible for the attacks
d. Put a limit on how many synagogues could be built in the city

12. Those who participate in traditional Navajo ways of life
a. do worse in school.
b. are more successful in school.
c. do not receive adequate healthcare.
d. are just as successful in school.

13. Striking down de jure school segregation in the 1950s was
a. Plessy v. Ferguson.
b. the Dred Scott decision.
c. Brown v. Board of Education.
d. Williams v. Mississippi.

14. With citizenship, the U.S. guaranteed which of the following in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
a. property rights
b. the right to use the Spanish language
c. religious freedom
d. all of these

15. When acculturation is weaker among Chinese Americans, family life is characterized by
a. decline in the importance of the extended family.
b. high rates of divorce.
c. weakening of the father's authority as absolute.
d. strict attitudes about sexual behavior.

16. Jim Crow refers to
a. abolitionists from the North.
b. the folk hero of West Africans.
c. the leader of the Haitian slave revolt.
d. segregation laws.

17. The Indian Claims Commission was a significant development because it meant that tribal people
a. sat in judgment of Indians guilty of criminal offenses.
b. served on juries for the first time.
c. could move back to the land of their ancestors.
d. had a procedure to bring suit against the federal government.

18. Women in Chinatown
a. dominate the legal profession.
b. often work in garment industry sweatshops.
c. are more likely to have non-Chinese husbands.
d. are not allowed to learn English.

19. Which group is the wealthiest and has the best formal education?
a. Conservative Jews
b. Orthodox Jews
c. Reform Jews
d. Zionists

20. Islam's authority rests with
a. individual imams who serve as clergy.
b. Mecca.
c. the Palestinians.
d. the scripture and teachings of the Prophet.

21. Most African Americans are
a. Black Muslims.
b. Roman Catholics.
c. Protestants.
d. Methodists.

22. The Indian Reorganization Act was based on which of the following principles?
a. pluralism
b. expulsion

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