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Eth 316 Week 5 Ethical Responsibility Essay

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Ethical Perspective

Patrick C. St. Louis

Ralph Sookraj

The ethical issues presented in this presentation are harassment in the workplace, and the manager’s decision on how to handle the confidentiality of the one being harassed. The manager also had to consider being respectful and fair to all other employees while maintaining his responsibility to the company. The manager is responsible for protecting the organization from any lawsuits and defamation of the shareholders business value. Another ...view middle of the document...

Another lens I used in making my decision was being rational trying to create the best outcome for the most amount of people. Another perspective I took was to think rationally to make a decision where most parties can be satisfied. Most decisions that are made by managers will not always make everybody satisfied. Another lens I used in my decision making process was the result lens. I factored who has the high, the medium, and the low risks. The other lens I used was the relationship lenses which helped me focus on the power that each individual had in helping me make my decision. Lastly, I used the reflective lens in which you take a step back and figure out if the decision or the way I made my decision was the best choice.
The ethical lenses influenced my decisions by looking at each individual and not just coming up with one outcome. Instead I looked at every possible outcome by looking at 3 specific options, such as what would be the best possible outcome, the mediocre outcome, and the poorest outcome. The lenses helped my decision making to also understand what each individual has to gain or lose. In the sense of Gayle having the highest to lose...

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