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Essay Religion

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Bismillah al rahman al rahim: Ultimate pillar connecting divine and vicegerent.

The religion of Islam is rich in rituals, myths and symbols, but the true testimony of an individual’s relationship with god, or in the case of Muslims Allah, is seen in the duties of worship “ibadat”. Duties of worship are also better known as the five pillars of Islam, which creates a relationship between Allah and his people, as well as the relationship that human beings have amongst themselves. From the name of the faith there can already be seen the importance of Allah, as Islam in Arabic can be translated as submission, and as one will see, the follower of Islam submits himself first and foremost to ...view middle of the document...

The shahadah then can be seen as the beginning of the acts that bestow remembrance upon Allah.
Abraham, like in Judaism and Christianity is portrayed as the original prophet who received a message from God to spread to the people. In Islam the significance of Abraham is portrayed in the Ka’ba, which is seen to have been built by the hands of Abraham, and still bear the stone that he was said to have left a trace of himself on while performing a pilgrimage (Jomier, J. 1989: 69). The second pillar of Islam is the prayer, which in Arabic is called salat. The significance of the Ka’ba in the salat is witnessed during all times of the day it is performed, as the individuals during the prayer face to the direction of the Ka’ba. The salat is the first thing that is performed in the daily life of a Muslim person; however a salat is to be performed five times a day (Waines. D. 1995: 89). The significance of the early Morning Prayer for the family is that it would require the family to wake up together to perform the ritual, thereby having the time together afterwards to spend together. This early Morning Prayer helps to strengthen the family nucleus, as the family plays a vital role in the Islamic faith (Jomier, J. 1989. 74). The prayers are performed five times a day; the Morning Prayer is performed just as the sun rises, which at the time of Muhammad receiving the message from Allah, most of the religions in the region worshipped the sun. The religions of the time, such as the pagans would attribute powers to the sun, which lead to worshiping them; however Abraham stated that it was not these powers that were to be worshipped but the creator of these powers (Q 41: 37), (Schimmel, A. 1994:13). Through these imageries there is a conclusion that the Islam faith regards the divinity to be a part of everything. The moving away from the worship of the sun, there was also a moving away from the solar year to the lunar year; however the sun still plays a large role in showing the attribute of the divinity as illuminating the world and giving life to the nature (Schimmel, A. 1994: 14). This is of particular importance to note due to the environment in which the Quran was revealed to Muhammad in Arabia was dry and arid; therefore any help from a divine entity would be beneficial for the community, and so this idea has been carried through to the present in the Islamic faith.
The prayer that is said starts with the shahadah, which the muezzin performs from the minaret of the mosque. It also allows for the remembrance of Allah, and for Allah to feel that he is being acknowledged, this can be seen in a surrah of the Quran which states “And when My servant question thee concerning Me, then surely I am nigh. I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he crieth unto Me. So let them bear My call and let them trust in Me, in order that they may be led aright” (Q2:186). Because the prayers are said with the verses from the Quran there is a bond created with Allah as...

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