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Essay I Dont Know

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A Sunday afternoon

Sometimes even adults can behave like 2-year-olds, in a way that nobody can’t quite explain. In the short story “A Sunday afternoon” we hear about a couple at a playground with their son. Nothing seems unusual in the beginning but a bit later an unknown man and his son comes into the story. The man’s son starts throwing sand at the couple’s son and when the woman tells him to stop, a conflict between Wilson and the other man starts. It becomes unclear who are the adults and who are the children.

In the story there are 2 main charters, the woman and her husband Wilson. We don’t hear much about the couple, other than they’re reading and Wilson has his arm around the ...view middle of the document...

“It was still warm in the late-afternoon sun, and the city noises came muffled through the trees in the park.” (P. 1 L. 4-5) But when the man and his son come into the story, the tone and mood suddenly changes. There comes a kind of discomfort.
Also a playground is a symbol for childhood, this makes us understand that the kids are the focus even though they aren’t the main characters.

To understand the conflict in the story there’s used a big contrast, the contrast between the adults and the kids. The adults take the kids conflict; either of the kids starts fighting, but their parents do. They adults act like 2-year-olds, and they almost start fighting. Also the mother gets mad for no obvious reason in the ending. All the adults in the story act really childish. There are a lot of themes in the story: love, hate, parenting, conflicts, adults, growing up, family and behaviour. Growing up and behaviour is two themes that really are related. You might think that kids growing up under this kind of behaviour tend to behave that way themselves.

It’s important to pick the right fights, to pick your own fights and to stand up for yourself.
One of the quotes that recur in the story is “you and who else?”
First (P. 2 L.72-73) ”He...

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