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The research topic in this paper is a security management plan thesis. The paper concentrates on the security management plan of the VANFEST event. This is an event that will gather together a diversity of Australia’s best local personalities, performers and VIPs. It is the first occasion of its kind in Forbes and it is expected that a projected multitude of up to and maybe between 5,000 and 10,000 persons will be in presence, with an all-out Capacity of 15,000. The VANFEST occurrence will be carried out on Saturday the 6th ...view middle of the document...

Expected results
The security plan management should yield a very low or no anti-social behavior in the VANFEST event. This means having a good ration of the security and the policepersons to the patrons in the Forbes field. When this aim is meant, the fight witnessed in the event will reduce to zero. It will also help to curb the issue of the drug overdose in the event. Once this is achieved, the society is going to benefit a lot because the patrons will not be at risk of using drug overdose. Also, the management of the VANFEST occasion will be happy due to the fact for presiding over an event that has zero fight.
Literature review
The overall notion of risk management was established by the institution of risk controlling and it can be taken as a process of examining, assessing and evaluating a state. Agrawal (2009, 1-5, 7-9) defines risk management as an exercise of determination and switch of the intimidations which can be considered with a highly bad effect likelihood for the society or its incomes. It also entails a study of actions of the organization, teaching of potential dangerous circumstances and policymaking process on taking suitable actions. The writer mentions that conventionally, risk management was related with indemnity management. However, if procurement of insurance could be seen as a somewhat inactive method of handling threats, risk management says for itself and stimulates active and even hands-on behavior. In this logic Perminova (2011, P.171-174) went additional in her study about project doubts and spoken an view that risk organization together with chance organization are both mechanisms of the ambiguity organization concept. It also improves on most of the risk management performance which pertains to the financial status quo examination. Furthermore, the early idea changed from efforts to control achievement and loss of the industry. In the event management, business risk management is measured as a highly ordered activity (Silvers, 2008, P.3-4). The event management body of knowledge knows risk management as one of the information spheres of an event management; its viewpoint takes it more as an ‘essential competence’ than repetition or role. In this circumstance, both edges are exposed to a sure degree of peril. (Cunningham et al., 2001).However, it is also observed by EMBOK scholars state that this capability has not been considered in depth and most event making processes miscue valuable risk evaluation procedures. Silvers (2008, P.3) claims that risk management is typically employed as an instrument for the post evaluation of the occasion, but not as an unceasing process. Furthermore, Bowdin (2011) sees that risk management was previously reflected as a familiar tool, however currently the proportion of event organizers which sanctify and document the course has improved, particularly in the UK and Australia.
Theoretical foundation
Event Management
To know what the encounters of organizing a...

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