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What is Media?

What is media? Media is the main means of mass communication. What is new media? Defining new media is not easy because it is a very broad term, but more or less, new media refers to the new means of communication such as television, social networks, emails, etc. Anyway, it is often said that the media transformed the world into a global village where the world is linked by the means of the new media. Distances became relatively shorter and communicating with someone became easier. What are the effects of the media on our society? Does the media impact the world negatively or positively? Will turning different regions of the world into one global village have its ...view middle of the document...

Other types of media such as magazines entertain people in different ways. There are different types of magazines for different types of people. Every person has his/her own interests like politics, technology, science fiction and so on. For example, fashion magazines let people know what is trendy and what is not, what is new and what is old. We must not forget a very important role of the media, which is educating people through books or websites. Some schools and universities reach out to their students through the Internet.

As useful as the media can be, it does have a few negative effects on the society; especially on teenagers, where some forget their heritage and traditions when exposed to new cultures. This happens mostly in Arab countries. Most importantly, media drove a lot of people away from their religion. It is forbidden in the Islam religion to wear shorts and drink yet in Lebanon you can find a lot of Islam’s that do so. When Arab teenagers discovered the western societies and how they behave and act, they started acting and dressing like them in many ways. Girls started dressing like the girls on television.

Teenagers started drinking. The nightlife expanded where all teenagers started to go clubbing. It disrupted their behavior and the way they talk to their parents. Moreover, movies that are released and television programs show characters using drugs, abusing alcohol, and...

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