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1) Research SAP – discuss in YOUR words: what is SAP, what are some of its functionality, do research to determine its strengths and weaknesses. This should be 2 paragraphs – at least 20 sentences!
In June 1972 5 IBM programmers created a company called Systems Analysis and Program Development after having worked on a program called SAPE for IBM. The programmers were originally pulled off the SAPE project but wanted to continue their work. Selling stock from their time at IBM the original founders of SAP were able to continue work on the SAPE program and eventually create many solutions for business. SAP is now one of the world’s largest software development companies focusing in ...view middle of the document...

SAP ERP is a great solution for companies that need to quickly break down the barriers of language or exchange rate but is not a great solution for small businesses as it can be quite costly. SAP ERP is also easily updated company-wide making it a great solution for companies that need to quickly and easily integrate software solutions with little maintenance.
2) Research Oracle ERP (not database) – discuss in YOUR words what is Oracle, what are some of its functionality, do research to determine its strengths and weaknesses. This should be 2 paragraphs – at least 20 sentences!
Oracle ERP is also one of the worlds’ leading software companies with approximately a dozen ERP solutions that were either acquired externally or created by the company. Oracle was founded in 1977 and now services 145 countries, all of the Fortune 100 companies, and almost half a million more customers world-wide. Oracle ERP offers solutions including inventory management, sales management, CRM, financial analytics, procurement and much more. Oracle ERP solutions are unique because they incorporate Oracle database as well as engines for Java, .NET, HTML, XML, and others. Oracle is also unique in that they offer modules of their ERP solutions independently making them a great asset to smaller businesses than what is serviced by SAP ERP.
For midsize to large companies Oracle ERP offers several solutions and services that are centered on the type of tools that each individual business will need. Nearly every solution offers the same types of tools however each package is specifically tailored to a certain set of needs; for instance Oracle ERP Cloud Service grants companies Cloud computing abilities with the ERP solutions. Once again the cost for Oracle ERP solutions can be quite high in many instances....

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