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Erp Software Essay

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ERP Enterprise is the most powerful and comprehensive system available for managing the demands of complex manufacturing, distribution, and service industries. Its deep functionality gives you unparalleled control over the complexities of your global operations, with over 30 modules covering:
* Global Financial Management
* Customer Relationship Management
* Sales and Configuration Order Management
* Enterprise and Supply Chain Planning
* Manufacturing Control
* Sourcing and Procurement
* Project Management
* Quality Management
* Service Management
* Engineering Data Management
* Dynamic Enterprise Modeling
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* Financial budgeting, consolidation, and strategic planning.
* Enterprise planning to improve manufacturing supply chain performance.
* Customer relationship management to maximize your market opportunity.
* Assembly Line Control to synchronize manufacturing in a work-station production environment
* Flexible architecture so that you can define (and re-define) your processes.
ERP Enterprise is the only full-featured manufacturing solution that completely and simultaneously supports all of the technologies that are indispensable for manufacturing success today, with features that include:
* Planning—This sophisticated planning engine consolidates multiple planning methods into one application and provides a holistic view and management of capacity and demand. Planning is complemented with capacity scheduling applications.
* Manufacturing—The core of ERP Enterprise, its manufacturing capabilities are supremely flexible and highly functional, supporting all manufacturing typologies and offering the ability to manage the most complex, highly engineered, or project-based configurations.
* Finance—Multi-company, multi-site, multi-currency, multi-language—ERP Enterprise's financial management capability supports the full range of financial operations. It delivers financial control with comprehensive analytics that give you the insight you need in every area of your business.
* Warehousing—Using barcoding and the latest radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, Warehousing improves inventory accuracy, optimizes your warehousing resources, and helps you boost customer fulfillment.
* Freight Management—Manage your own transportation needs and use your warehouse capacity more efficiently with better transportation planning and execution.
* Procurement—With robust direct and indirect materials purchasing features, the Procurement module provides centralized and decentralized order and contract management capabilities, and supports the full range of procurement activities.
* Sales—This fully integrated sales solution streamlines the order management process, allowing you to customize order entry procedures for different items and customers, and provides support for the handling and releasing of schedules, including push and pull. Graphical product configuration enables you to more easily configure product to customer order.
* Enterprise Service Management—Turn your aftermarket into a profit center. Enterprise Service Management gives you seamless, end-to-end integration of your entire service supply chain and the up-to-the minute management information you need to make clear, confident, strategic decisions.
* Project—Project and manufacturing resource management come together in one environment, with real-time control for all aspects of project manufacturing.
* Quality Management—Gain complete control over all aspects of Quality through sales, purchasing, and production orders, as well as...

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