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A.P. Environmental H.W.

Weighing the Issues: U.S. Involvement in International Family Planning

I think that at that time Bush was wrong for making that decision. I say this because we all impact the environment and society no matter where we live. It never hurts to help another nation out, especially if you have enough to do so. Now that we’re in a recession, I don’t think it’s ...view middle of the document...

Testing Your Comprehension

2. Human populations have continued to grow in spite of environmental limitations because humans have been able to develop technology to overcome its natural limits on its growth. For example; the agricultural revolution and the industrial revolution. There are other factors like poverty, consumption from affluence, a gap in wealth, and diseases like hiv/aids, that contribute to this.

6. The total fertility rate is the average number of children born per female member of a population during her lifetime. The replacement fertility for humans is 2.1 because that is when population size decreases. Europe’s TFR is affecting its natural rate of population in the way that because it is below 2.1, its population is still continuing to increase.

7. Fertility rates have fallen in many countries because more and more people are being educated about contraceptives.

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