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Environmental Scan Essay

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Environmental scanning is the first portion to an organization’s strategic management
and is very important to the corporation. Environmental scanning is gathering information for
the external and the internal of the company. A SWOTT is the best way to gather the
information. A SWOTT is determining the strengths, the weaknesses, the opportunities, the
threats, and the trends of the organization. Starbucks is a coffee shop that sets out to be
different from the competitors. The company does not just focus on coffee but “bring a feeling
of connection” to the people. Starbucks mission is “to inspire and nurture the human spirit-
one person, one cup, and ...view middle of the document...

The internal and external environments of Levi Strauss and Apple computer describes
how each company changed company focus by structuring the position of demographics to
gain access to marketing trends and dealings with government regulations. Each company has
proven capabilities for the organization’s success and taken responsible infrastructure for
employee benefits and rights. Each company has considered goals that aid in the continual
structuring for the future regardless of how often changes occur. Each company business
strategy is designed to specifically affect the operations for the company success.
Measurement guidelines are how the two companies use tools to create effective strategy.
The internal and external environments of Apple were the attempt to ration the effects
of the company’s products on the environment. The company has coordinated projects in areas
of the environment, supplier responsibility, recycling, and facilities. The measurement tool
used to establish these types of results is life cycle analysis which looks at greenhouse gas
emissions ( Site Map, 2012).   Apple is committed to establishing standards of
social responsibility on a worldwide scale. The concern for suppliers working conditions
attracts attentions of social awareness. These types of activities are attractive to public interest
and bring attention to a company like Apple computer. Site Map, 2012

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