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Environmental Resources Worksheet Essay

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Environmental Resources Worksheet

Using the assigned readings for Week Four, write a 50- to 75-word response to each of the following questions. Your responses will be assessed according to the accuracy of the content.


1. How do minerals affect society? Minerals affect society in many different ways; for example salt is a mineral that is used every day to enhance the flavor of foods and it is also used to retain fluids while contributing to the replenishment of electrolytes. Another mineral such as Lignite is a form of coal that can be used for energy.
2. What is the difference between metallic and nonmetallic minerals? Provide ...view middle of the document...

3. What effect does extracting minerals have on the environment? The effects of extracting minerals from the environment can be very negative. The entire process of using explosives to explode underground walls leaves toxins in the soil. This also eradicates the homes of animals that harbor underground and destroys their environment. The use of machines (such as crushers) emits gases into our atmosphere and impacting our air supply.


1. What is your definition of soil? What is soil composed of? Why is soil important to the environment? Soil is the outer most layer of the earth’s surface that contains nutrients that help plants and trees grow.
Soil is composed of things that have decayed throughout the years (such as trees, plants, animals, etc.).
Without soil trees and plants would not be able to flourish without the fundamental nutrients it contains. Without trees and plants there would not exists photosynthesis leaving us without oxygen.
3. What types of organisms are found in soil? Determine the relationship between soil and organisms. There are several organisms that are found within the soil; worms, beetles and bacteria. The relationship between soil and organisms is that they assist each other by providing a home and food while the other releases its nutrients. Soil provides foods for these organisms and in return the organisms release organic material that gives the soil nutrients.
4. What is soil erosion? How can soil become polluted? What effect does soil erosion and pollution have on the environment? Soil erosion occurs when soil is removed from its original resting location. Accomplices associated to soil erosion are strong winds and water that affect soil over time.
Soil can polluted because of several reasons; two ways soil becomes polluted is through the administration of pesticides and trash that humans throw out.
Negative effects associated with soil pollution and erosion in the environment is through the food chain. Suppose a worm becomes contaminated with hazardous pesticides and a bird eats him, then secondary poisoning would occur and a domino effect manifests itself.
What is the purpose of soil reclamation? The purpose for soil reclamation is a process to remove the hazardous contaminants that negatively affect plants and human health. The extraction of contaminants ensures healthier productivity and longer life span for plants. This process also ensures safety for humans and removes the threat humans would have without soil reclamation.

Forestry and Rangeland Resources and Management Strategies

1. Differentiate between government-owned lands and public lands. Which government agencies are involved with government-owned lands? What is the purpose of government-owned lands? Government-owned land is protected land that has regulations and it is conserved to keep animals and plants protected. Public land also has regulations but it is meant for public use.
Agencies that...

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