Environmental Factors And Health Promotion Pamphlet: Accident Prevention And Safety Promotion For Parents And Caregivers Of Infants

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While providing a well child visit with immunizations, September 11, 2014, education was provided to the parents of 28 week, female. Both parents were present, the father being a 21 year old, white male, reportedly having completed a technical training program after graduating high school and obtaining a certificate in welding. The mother is a 19 year old, Caucasian, having completed high school. The family recently moved to the area from Oregon and purchased a home. Prior to this move, the couple lived with the ...view middle of the document...

The family demonstrated understanding of teaching, as they requested lead testing for the infant and also questioned if they themselves should be tested. They also questioned several other homes in the area that they frequent, i.e., day care provider, the home of a relative, and homes of friends, exhibiting an awareness, as most of the homes in the County were built prior to 1978 and many have not had any improvements in a number of years.
The parents were able to verbalize the proper remediation for wet cleaning, painting, etc. The mother called following the contact visit and stated that she had called the realtor to see when the last major renovations had been completed to their home, and reportedly, it was 2004.
Based on the parent’s appropriateness of questioning and responses, as well as actions, the interaction reaped positive educational benefits. As there are a number of new people that have recently moved to the area, many of which are renting homes, with the majority of the homes being built between 1920 and 1960, and no updates in many years, it would be beneficial to provide additional public education to the community regarding lead poisoning, lead based paints, plumbing, etc.

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