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Environmental Concerns, Mission Related Risks And Potential Effects

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On a mission, each of us must comply with the host nation, with Federal, State and Local environmental laws and Regulations. Protecting the environment is everyone responsibilities.
The best way we can comply with this is identifying the different areas such as: Areas of environmental concerns, mission- related environmental risks and Potential effects of environmental factors on missions and operations.
1-. Areas of Environmental Concerns:
A-.Hazardous Waste (HW): Units must
• Have a collection and turn in point
• Keep a cleanup, report and document any hazardous spill properly.
• Transport all HW according to local and installation procedures.
B-.Hazardous material (HM): ...view middle of the document...

• Clean up spills in the work area immediately.
E-. Air Pollution:
• Units leaders must advise the Chain of Command about Air Pollution sources.
• Identify and correct sources of Air Pollution (like dust control in training areas; excessive exhaust emissions from poorly maintained vehicles, etc).
• Use risk control and smoke agents only in approved training areas.
• Observe local fire and burning restrictions.
F-. Archeological Sites:
• Avoid actions that could harm protected plants and animals or their habitats at the installation or any off-post training areas.
• Mark environmentally sensitive areas as restricted-movement areas during field training.
• Instruct soldiers to leave historical and archeological artifacts in place and to report newly discovery items to the chain of command.
G-.Endangered Species:
• Avoid damage to marked wildlife food plots or watering areas.
• Recognize threatened or endangered species habitat and avoid them during training operations, and logistics activities.
• Consult with the environmental office for other local requirements relating to wildlife and natural vegetation.
• Avoid cutting branches and trees for camouflage.
• Marked-off habitat areas during training and operations.
• Comply with the installation endangered-species management plan.
• Recognize signs and markers that indicate protected habitat areas.
• Follow installation regulations for hunting, fishing and camping.
• Obey range control guidelines for cutting brush and trees for camouflage.

2-. Identifying mission-related environments risks
Leaders identify environmental hazards during mission analysis. A hazard is any actual or potential condition...

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