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Entrepreneurial Leadership Essay

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Entrepreneurial Leadership
Entrepreneurial Leadership
The contemporary highly-diverse business environments do not approve of the leaders that lack sufficient background, individual strategic vision (leadership style) and charismatic capacity to combine employee performances with the corporate goals. Regardless of whichever leadership style HR manager follows, he/she should permanently sustain high level of flexibility regarding HRM practices. Hence, only well-prepared and trained leaders possessing sound HR background, and ready to take an initiative, are able to manage people by applying various socio-cultural approaches to ensure that their subordinates work together to achieve a ...view middle of the document...

In case of authoritarian leadership style application, HR manager informs employees about the expected outcomes and the approaches to task-solution. Herewith, HR manager does not consult the employees about any alternatives or better options while planning, organizing, managing and monitoring HR processes. Such leadership approach requires HR manager to take decisions quickly and simultaneously motivate the staff in a way that they are capable to follow his/her instructions efficiently. Herewith, the employees undeniably obey the commands, and therefore the leader solely sets the rules of mutual interaction. In such situation employees are not able to better their job satisfaction since the solution of a multitude of short-term tasks set by the leader is the top priority regardless individual member or team concerns. To this end, without appropriate background preparation few HR managers will be able to avoid bossy manners, demeaning language and/or abusive yelling and threats regarding the employees. The listed features of pure bossing people and using rude manners have nothing to do with the genuine and effective authoritarian leadership style, and therefore the effective leader’s performance (Newstrom and Keith, 1993). Conversely, well-prepared HR managers know that the authoritarian leadership style is rather task-oriented and excludes team motivation, and therefore should be applied in rare occasions whenever the leader lacks time to opt for better decisions, and therefore employees prefer democratic leadership approaches, which enable HR managers to avoid staff turnover and eliminate absenteeism.
Providing that HR leader has more time for the decision-making at his/her disposition, he/she is able to demand more commitment from and further more motivation to his/her employees. Such participative approach assumes the employees’ participation in the decision-making and other vital managerial processes. Again, the HR manager’s theoretical and practical preparedness is essential to ensure that group collaboration will reap benefits by prioritizing the things to be done and in what manner. Furthermore, it is HR manager who takes the final decision and bears entire responsibility for the final outcome. Herewith, HR manager’s knowledge and information available to him/her coincides with those possessed by the employees, and therefore such mutually supportive, transparent and democratic cooperation allows employees to play active part in team cooperation, while the leader is able to take the best possible decision (Hayes, 2005). Furthermore, by applying servant leadership approach in due situation HR manager allows the entire team to actively participate in the decision-making process. This democratic style enables the leader to cherish individual values of the employees, boost their motivation and reward expectations (Schriesheim, 1982).
In turn, within the framework of the delegative leadership style, due to their knowledge and skills...

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