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Engr Essay

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Ramalinga Raju – Rise and fall of a Leader
Founder and Chairman of Satyam Computer Services Ltd (NYSE: SAY), Ramalinga Raju built one of the leading Information Technology companies in the world. Satyam has a global presence with over 53000 employees and serves 44 Fortune 500 companies and over 390 multi-national corporations in 63 countries. Raju was one of the pioneers in the Indian Information Technology industry. He started the company with 20 employees in 1987 when the industry was at a nascent stage and ...view middle of the document...

Raju furthered the cause of social transformation through Byrraju Foundation, the largest voluntary non-government organization in India. Emergency Medical and Research Institute delivers free medical, police, fire services The company’s core values - efficiency, flexibility, trust, and reliability dissolved at once when Raju admitted in his horrifying confession on how he faked the company’s revenues and profits for several years. His revelation shocked not only employees and investors but also corporate India as well. The repercussions of fraud were felt not only by the Indian IT industry but also by overseas investors who had invested heavily in American Depository Receipts (ADR) issues of major Indian IT companies including Satyam. Raju was popular as visionary, strategist, risk taker. For insiders he was charismatic, reverent, participative, people friendly, approachable and great thinker. This is case of how important it is for a leader to be honest and ethical. He stands at 9,5 on leadership grid for his concern for people and production and in the middle of Michigan leadership model.

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