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English 2328 Spring 2011

Unit Two: Early Twentieth Century
Review Sheets

|Survey Highlights |Modernism in American Literature |Imagism, Imagery, Image |
|Major Authors |Some distinguishing characteristics— |From Pound's "A Retrospect": |
|Historical Context |Rejection of traditional values and assumptions, in society and art. |—Three principles of Imagism: ...view middle of the document...

|Also discusses language, symbols, technique and form. |
|Eugene O'Neill, The Hairy Ape |— Eliot on tradition and the "historical sense"; "time and |—"An 'Image' is that which presents an intellectual and emotional |
|F. Scott Fitzgerald, "Babylon Revisited" |timelessness" |complex in an instant of time." |
|William Faulkner, "That Evening Sun" |—Sense of fragmentation in both style and |From Abrams: |
|Ernest Hemingway, "Big Two-Hearted River" |substance |"The typical Imagist poem is written in free verse and undertakes to|
|Literary and Intellectual Movements |Celebration of passion and free will over reason and social morality |render as precisely and tersely as possible, and without comment and|
|Modernism, Imagism |(and especially organized religion) |generalization, the writer's impression of a visual object or scene;|
|Impressionism, Expressionism, Symbolism |—Subjectivity and objectivity |often the impression is rendered by means of metaphor, or by |
|Genres |—Further elevation of individual man |juxtaposing, without indicating a relation, the description of one |
|Poetry |and inner psychology over society |object with that of a second and diverse object." |
|Drama |—Self-referential if not solipsistic | |
|Fiction |Mythopoetic impetus | |
| |—Creating one's own myth in the absence | |
| |of traditional myth | |
| |— Creating a world in the act of | ...

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