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Diagnosing Cancer PA #2
Joseph Amado

Part One: Abstract
History has a fascinating way of making itself. There are certainly many different accomplishments that make history and it time for cancer to be brought up in history. You would be surprised but the study of the human body actually started in the early 15th century. This was during the Renaissance period of our country and knowledge for the human body was right around the corner. Body autopsies were being done frequently to help understand how the body functions. A man by the name of Giovanni Morgagni started the process of studying cancer by doing autopsies that that connected to the patient’s death. Another man ...view middle of the document...

As the technology developed the researched then developed and help the scientist find the problem quicker and therefore treat it. Back then the technology was advancing just as fast as today but we have still haven’t found the true cure for cancer.
Part Two: Abstract
We have come a far way from the way we diagnose cancer. Back then they had many more casualties trying to figure out if they cancer or not and had to open the actually open body through an autopsy and now we don’t have to touch the body. The amazing thing is that the World Health Organization’s International Agency has made the most progress of all. We have devoted a whole organization to this terrible disease and have discovered over 100 chemical, physical and biological things that cause cancer. The more they find out what cause cancer the faster they can prevent cancer. We have advanced so much that we actually figured out the exact chemical structure of DNA. With DNA being the main messenger of cells we have spent a lot of research on that alone. Once they could understand the DNA they would be able to study the mutations of the cells and why this was happening. With the extreme advances in chemistry and biology, made...

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