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Bashing Men on Campus
N SEPTKMBER 23, USA TODAYpubMshed an editorial

which should serve as a wake-up call to everyone
who cares about American higher education.
Pointing to a recent U.S. Department of Education study, the paper noted with alarm that
across the country, "135 women receive bachelor's
degrees for every 100 men. That gender imbalance
will widen in the comingyears." As the paper warned,
"This is ominous for every parent with a male child.
The decline in college attendance means many will
needlessly miss out on success in life. The loss of educated workers also means the country will be less
able to compete ...view middle of the document...

Indeed, it would be hard to tlnd an environment
more hostile to the concerns, preferences, and (in

some cases) even the presence of young men than the
average secular or post-religious American college.
And that, I would like to suggest, is a big part of
the reason that men are leaving them—dropping out,
refusing to enroll, or seeking friendlier habitats such
as work on construction sites laying pipe, or the battlefields of Fallujah.


''ow, THERE HAS NOT BEEN (and never will be) a
U.S. government-funded study of the effects
of classroom feminism, political correctness,
and anti-male affirmative action on male American
college students. So I do not have the benefit of statistics here. However, I can draw on both personal experience (as someone who pursued, and completed, a
Ph.D. in the humanities) and the abundance of anecdotal evidence which comes my way as editor of
Choosing the Right College, a guide to over 130 American colleges compiled with information gathered
from thousands of faculty members, alumni, and current undergraduates.
In our research, we found many schools with
strong curricula and healthy campus life. We also came
across many instances of feminism gone amok. Now,
"feminism" as practiced on college campuses has nothing to do with equal rights, equal pay, or equal treatment under the law. Such worthy goals have largely
been achieved in the West and are no longer controversial. The varieties of feminism that inspire teachers and
administrators across America are those inspired by
Marxism, which regard women as a "domestic proletariat" engaged in class contliet within the family—or
recondite European cultural! theorists such as Monique Wittig, who is famed for such formulations as:
The discourses which particularly oppress all of
us, lesbians, women, and homosexuiil men, i.\re
those which take for granted that which founds
society, any society, is heterosexuality.




It would be incorrect to say that lesbians associate,
make love, live with women, for "woman" has
meaning only in heterosexual systems of thought
and heterosexual economic systems. Lesbians are
not women.
Again and again, we heard reports from students
appalled to hear the great thinkers of the West—from
Plato and Socrates to Thomas Jefferson, even J e s u s dismissed as "Dead Wliite European Males" (DWEMs
for short). Spend enough time listening to stuff like
that in what you thought was a class in English Lit. and
a job at Wal-Mart might begin to seem appealing.
Nearly every elite campus we cover features
some sort of "women's center"—typically dominated by radiciil feminists or lesbians; at the same
time, traditional male preserves such as fraternities are frequently under attack. At Colgate
University, where a women's studies professor
became president, the school in 2003 decreed that
all fraternities had to close and sell...

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