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Literature and the Community, How Similar They Are

ENG 125: Introduction to Literature

Heather AltfeldFisher

July 16, 2010


Often times, art is a reflection of life as we know it. Artists are often inspired to create based on their surroundings, and life experiences. Literature can take people to places in which they never thought they could be a part of. This paper will briefly review two works of literature. We will then review how the works reflect the communities in which the stories are based on.

The Lessons of Life

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Despite the fact that this story is set in the 1970’s, we still see today that communities within the United States are still divided by socioeconomic classes. Although poverty affects virtually every race of people, it is the black community that has a disproportionate amount of lower class citizens. This story shows the daily struggles of the black community, and how there are very few mentors that are accessible in the community. The Lesson is set in what is contemporary America, the next story that we will examine occurs in an earlier period of American history.

Life in the South

William Faulkner takes the reader on a journey to a make believe city in the southern United States in his story “A Rose for Emily”. This is a story of terror first published in 1930, is considered by many scholars one of the most authentic and the best narratives ever written by William Faulkner. It is a story of a woman, Emily Grierson, and her relationships with her father, the man she was in love with and the community of Jefferson, the town she lived in. The tale is written in five parts and begins with the announcement of Emily’s death. The story is told by an unknown townsperson, and starts off by stating, “When Ms. Emily died our whole town went to the funeral”. Emily refuses to leave the past behind her even as the next generation begins to take over. This character was seen as a devoted daughter to her father, but once her father...

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