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Learning English
English language Learning is widely spread over different parts of the world. It is taught as a foreign language in many countries. In many others, it is not only considered as a part of their culture, but it is also used as a second language. These are called the Commonwealth of the English language speaking countries.
The English language learners are often seen as the best judges of their own needs and wants ...view middle of the document...

He drove about out the garage and down the street.
2. Jane is worried about her exam. She is afraid of failing it.
3. The Harry Potter books are about by JK Rowling.
4. Can I speak about to you for a moment. I need some information.
5. Are you interested about in politics? I am not.
6. She works about for a big company so she has a lot of work.
7. What's about on television tonight? I'd like to stay at home.
8. Is Mexico City the biggest city about in the world?
9. Is it far about from your house to the airport? I am in a hurry.
10. I am reading a story about life in China.
11. Pamela lives about on the second floor of this building.

1. Don't feel guilty with about being late.
2. be careful! Don't go without beyond the trees.
3. He managed to pass his exam by studying hard.
4. They sang along during the long walk home.
5. The car went against past us at a very high speed!
6. He failed for lack of work.
7. They walked up to the top of the hill.
8. The road continues against beyond the city up into the mountains.
9. He was somewhere among between Rome and Venice.
10. She has no control over that dog!
The son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett has an old-world spiritual message for today's money-rich parents: teach your children values and do not give them everything they want. Multi-millionaires want help in preventing wealth from corrupting their children's values
A: Discussion
Answer these questions with a partner:
1. If your family suddenly became very rich do you think you would make a lot of changes to your lifestyle?
2. If you became very rich and had children, how would you use your wealth to make their lives better?
B: Agree or Disagree?
Work alone. Read these statements about children and money and write 'Agree', 'Disagree' or 'Not Sure' next to each one depending on what you think.
1. You should/shouldn't try to...

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