English Advanced For Business B Essay

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English Advanced for Business B

Name Zhou Yaping
Student number 1323440
Assignment Title Report
Lecturer’s Name Dr Tony Shannon-Little

BA (Hons) English for International Business Communication
Wolverhampton: School of Law, Social Sciences and Communication

Executive Summary 1
Terms of Reference 2
Analysis 3
Participation 3
Group work 3
Evaluation of Content 4
Animal texting case 4
My language use & development 5
Recommendations 5
Conclusions 6
References 7
Appendices 8
Appendices 1 8
Appendices 2 10
Appendices 3 12

Executive Summary
Firstly, the report analysed participation and group work in two ...view middle of the document...

Besides, they give me some suggestions for the project and if I faced problems with English they will corrected me. Based on the help from teammate and my pre-learning of subjects, I have been enjoyed to participate in the group work. In my points of view that work together is a value way for people to exchange idea and advance speaking, communication, and analysis themselves. Moreover, for personal, participate a group well are also need this elements, such as speaking, timing, enthusiasm, cooperation, thinking and information preparation.
Group work
Group work, in another word is team work. It is a way to dividing work and increasing productivity. Also, it always utilized different knowledge, experience, talent, discussion by people. Therefore, in colleges and school prefer to use it to improve student group-based ability in the work places.( Infed, 2014)
Through the whole years study, group works occupy an important part. Based on participation of it, for me and my teammate have learnt a lot, including time and task management, cooperation, discussion and summary. For teamwork, especially task management and cooperation are important. A good task management is a first fundamental step for a group which can divide work well and make our arrangement clearly. Besides, in the following work of group is do a meeting together and discuss our topic or share people idea. The cooperation of a group is the main thing which we need to focus on. For example, if a group does not agree with a programmer after debate, the work cannot be continued. Because of teammates which have different background and thinking will put forward different ideas. In a result, in our responsibility, for member of a group, people should interrelate with teammate in a positive way.
Evaluation of Content
Animal texting case
Evaluation is a logical method which evaluate the worth of object. In addition, a satisfied evaluation cannot without management ability, sensitivity to multiple stakeholders, analysis talent and other skills. It is aims to aids in decision-making. (Social research methods, 2006) Take animal testing case as an example, our group was character as an animal protector organization. The negative side are both me and one of my teammates had less about animal protection, especially animal texting because the social environment are not allowed for demonstration in China. However, there are lots of animal protection groups in Europe. We ask some classmates to share their knowledge about animal protect. After that, we combine the information of search, the experiences from other people and our teacher’s advices. We finally do some change for our animal testing statement and finish as well as we can.
My language use & development
At the beginning of my language in a group work, it had a terrible structure. Although my teammate can understand me, it is hard work for them to be clearly about my views completely. Besides, my language...

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