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When I four years old I lost my mom. Throughout the years I grew up knowing little about her. Only what I was told and things that I remember. I graduated May 31, 1999 on her birthday. That was a day to remember. I always told myself that I was going to dedicate myself to approach that day. I knew if she was alive, I knew that she would have been proud of me for achieving. I said that if I did not make it to college I wanted to make her proud of me. A lot of people in my family thought I was going to be a failure because I had my first child when I was in the tenth grade and at first I started feeling like they were right, but I had to prove them wrong, not only for them but for myself as ...view middle of the document...

I wasn’t worried about college, I was young. I didn’t much about her only few sources but she was my mother and still is. I wish I could have known more but I’m older now and I have dealt with it was able to move on. It hurt sometime knowing a little bit but I cherish the moments that I do remember when I was with her. I know she is proud of me. I’m a single mom of two, working, and going to school to take care of my family. I want my young men to grow up and be able to do the same thing I did but better. I want my young men to cherish what they have because they never know how fast and soon it can leave them. I want to raise my men to be respectable and accomplish their goals in life. Not to be able to wait on somebody to do it for them nut do it themselves. One day when they get older they will be doing the same thing I’m doing writing about a particular person they admire. I love my family and willing to do whatever it takes to keep us together and strong. It’s only us and we’re all we have is each other. I have been told that I take a lot after my mom as far as having a big heart. She was always out to help and so am I. certain things that I do not eat, like mayonnaise, never tasted I just don’t like it because of the way it smell, I was told that I get the after my mother. She‘s not gone she is still here with me, emotionally just not physically. It’s not a day that doesn.t go by that I do not think of her. I want to the best mother I can be and raise my kids right, especially they are young men now, 12 and 15, so I would ask myself , “How would my mom handle this situation?” that’s my way of letting myself relive memories that I have of her. At the same time, the memories that I was told her I would try to play back in my mind to get an idea of what went on and what took place. I take up a lot of habits but I never knew where they came from until I got...

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