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English 101 Essay

1285 words - 6 pages

Bryce Pippenger

Jennifer Hawk

English 101


Gas mileage vs power behind the wheel: The Difference in Advertising vehicles
The vehicle a person drives can tell a lot about that person, for example if someone is driving a beat up old car or pickup odds are that that person will get judged in a negative way. This also plays a role in social status and attracting the opposite sex in some cases. Advertisers take a huge risk by spending large amounts of money on their ads, if their ads do not work that is a huge profit lost. The advertisers must target an audience that they believe will most likely be the ones to buy their product. They need to do it in a clever enough way to ...view middle of the document...

The main audience this ad is targeting would be outdoors people such as hunters, people that have to carry a big work load such as farmers or some sort of construction worker and also people that ride ATVs. They should have put some other details in there that explained more about the pickup other than it has a lot of power. Certain things that the ad says such as, “you can’t fake power,” “there’s no hiding it in the fine print,” and “it’s either there or it’s not.” Instead of putting things like this in there I think that they should have put more information about the pickup itself. It does mention that the pickup gets 20 mpg, but it’s in very small print that isn’t very noticeable. However this strategy will attract people only attracted to the power ratings. If the ad had more balance it would be way more effective. The ad designer put in a yellow background in behind the black pickup attracting the eye of the viewer to the attractive black good looking pickup that they have on display. The attention getter is in big bold black letters which stick out with the yellow back ground, it also has a nice catch phrase to get people to look at the ad. The angle that the picture was taken is a side front view of the pickup giving the viewer a full body shot of the pickup and what it has to offer as far as looks and style go. Below the actual picture of the pickup is a paragraph saying how much power that the pickup contains along with decent gas mileage so that the consumer gets the best of both worlds. They also put a link after the paragraph to find out more about the pickup. The next paragraph talks all about how the pickup contains more power and how it is a work truck that is able to do anything that the consumer would ever wish for. The next thing the page goes down to is a picture of the engine, which is very catching to the eye with the yellow background and the black engine. There are power ratings next to the engine showing how the pickup has better power ratings than your average pickup.
The ford Taurus ad has a different style of attracting people to buying their car. Instead of being the big bad powerful pickup with all the power, the ford Taurus focuses mainly on how safe the vehicle is and how much gas mileage that it gets. The Taurus ad is more balanced but the clouds in the background might take too much attention away from the main subject. The angle that the picture was taken is showing the car from a front...

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