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Staffing Procedures


* A process of hiring employees who can help run the business efficiently, attract customers, and increase sales.

When hiring new staff, you should consider the following:

• Type of employees needed?
• Skills missing by the business owner?
• Skills needed daily and/or occasionally for peak periods or seasons.
• Budget available for employee compensation.

Job Description

1. A written statement listing duties and responsibilities of a specific job.
2. Clearly outlines expectations for a job.
3. Reduces misunderstandings between the employer and employee.


1. Determine your human resource needs. Before you attempt ...view middle of the document...

2. Conduct a company culture analysis. Before you can begin looking at the job, you need to become very clear on who you are as an organization. While your stated values may talk about inclusion, openness, thinking out of the box and humbleness, are these the values you actually live by every day? Just finding a candidate who has the skills to do the job is only half of the equation. You also need to find someone who can do the job in your Company’s actual culture. Hiring an out of the box thinker will only work if you truly cherish being challenged to think differently. Be honest with yourself. If not, you will back to the hiring process very soon as you newly hired employee just doesn’t “fit” into your culture and leaves after only a short time.
3. Conduct a job analysis. Now that you have determined what course of action you plan on pursuing and have a better understanding as to who you are as an organization, you need to determine what the person should do once he or she is hired. A job analysis will provide you with a systematic process to obtain and analyze job information. Some of the information you will obtain through this process will include: Task information. This includes how the task should be performed, how often each task needs to be performed, the relative importance of each task to be performed and the essential functions of the job. Take a look at those people currently doing the job now. What do they do that is paramount to their success? What should they be doing that they can’t do? This is your chance to figure out the job’s details. Work environment. Where is the job performed? Is the location crucial to the job itself? Also look at when the job is performed, what tools are needed, what licenses are required and what physical demands are present. If you are hiring someone to unload freezer trucks at 4am every day, you need to define the environment so you don’t end up with someone who can’t work in the cold, lift heavy boxes repeatedly or make it to work before sunrise.
4. Determine the human resource supply. The supply of people to do the required job should take in account both the internal and external pool of possible candidates. Determine if there are excess employees with the necessary skills to do this job in another area of the company. Look at changes to licensing requirements that may affect the pool of applicants. If you are missing a needed skill in your company, would it more cost effective to implement a new training initiative rather than hiring a new employee? If you need to look externally for a candidate, look at both traditional and non-traditional sources to include in your recruiting strategy. Determining how large of a pool you have available to you will eventually help you in determining market value for the position and the scope of your recruiting efforts.
5. Create a recruiting plan. Who will recruit for the position? How long will the campaign run? Who will screen and interview...

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