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Eng Essay

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A person must try new things because otherwise we would never discover that we really that we really capable of Kamkwamba was going through a lot of problem that he had to face all by himself, but there we one problem. We had to face all things by ourselves and got solutions.
The people of William Kamkwamba’s village in Malawi, Africa were experiencing a devastating famine. Kamkwamba, 14 years old at the time, was forced to drop out of school because his family could no longer afford to pay for his education. “No money, I said. Today I dropped.” (page133) Kamkwamba’s father doesn't have money to pay tuition of Kamkwamba. Another reason is about the famine. There were droughts and floods, ...view middle of the document...

” (Page 210) Kamkwamba’s innovation from scraps of metal and various other parts scavenged from a junk yard created a relief for many who lined up outside his home to get their phones charged once they had heard of the windmill’s capabilities. Contacting others in the outside world became easy for Kasungu’s inhabitants. Exchange of information, current news, and ideas further progressed the MDGs by creating awareness of Malawi’s problems and its people’s concerns for the future. However, Kamkwamba would to create a windmill, and get some helpful, and solve his family prolems.
In my problem, my parents support me and my brother to go college, and pay our payment. My parents are very hard to work every day, and give money to support us. My father is a builder, and my mother is a waiter. They work more than 8 hour each day. I need hard work to final my college degree and get a great job to less my parents’ stress.
In my solution, writing, speaking, and communicating will all contribute to obtaining my goals. These skills will all influence my schoolwork. Using these skills I will get the 3.0 GPA I need to make it through this school and graduate in four years with a systems degree. Communication is going to...

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