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Energy In Saudi Arabia Essay

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Energy in Saudi Arabia

Table of Contents

Subject | Page |
Introduction | 2 |
Consumption of Energy | 3 |
Renewable Sources of Energy in Saudi Arabia | 4 |
* Solar | 5 |
* Nuclear | 5 |
* Wind | 6 |
* Waste –to- Energy | 6 |
* Geothermal | 6 |
Water | 7 |
Water Desalination | 7 |
World’s Largest Solar Powered Desalination Plant | 8 |
Al- Midra Tower | 9 |
Conclusion | 11 |
References | 12 |

Saudi Arabia is the world's top oil exporter and producer. Saudi Arabia's economy is petroleum-based; Oil actually accounts for 90% of the country's exports and nearly 75% government revenues. Oil is also the major source of ...view middle of the document...

Capacity is planned to increase to 120 GW by 2032. The overall demand for fossil fuels for power, industry, transportation and desalination is estimated to grow from 3.4 million barrels of oil equivalent per day in 2010 to 8.3 million barrels of oil equivalent per day in 2028.

Renewable Sources of Energy in Saudi Arabia
In this section, I will introduce KACARE and its 2032 vision on using renewable sources of energy.

King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KACARE)
KACARE is an independent organization established by Royal Order in April 2010. This organization has the responsibility to develop the atomic and renewable energy program in Saudi Arabia.
KACARE’s team of strategists have made a full evaluation of the alternative and renewable energy sources. Although, they forecast that hydrocarbons will remain a prime source of energy for a while, others sources of energy will play a major part in Saudi Arabia’s economy by 2032. KACARE have estimated that by 2032, the nuclear and renewable energy will be distributed as in the following basis:
Type | Power Produced | Type | Power Produced |
Hydrocarbons | 60 GW | Nuclear | 17.6 GW |
Photovoltaic (Solar) | 16 GW | Concentrated solar | 25 GW |
Geothermal | 1 GW | Wind | 9 GW |
Waste-to-energy | 3 GW | | |
Table 1. 2032 Estimated Energy Sources

Saudi government and the private sector have started solar projects few years ago. In Riyadh area, the government is preparing to build a commercial-scale solar-panel factory. On the Arabia Gulf coast, a factory is about to begin producing large quantities of polysilicon, a material used to make solar cells.
This year, Saudi Aramco, the world’s biggest oil company, and the Saudi Electricity Company, the kingdom’s main power producer are planning to jointly break ground on about 10 solar projects around the country. In 2015, work started to build the largest solar powered desalination plant in the world on the Arabia Gulf coast. By 2032, KACARE estimated that Saudi Arabia will generate about 41 GW from Photovoltaic and Concentrated solar.

Saudi Arabia has plans to generate energy from nuclear plants in anticipation of high growth in domestic energy consumption. The initial plan is to build two nuclear reactors by 2020, and have sixteen built by 2030. KACARE estimated that the amount of energy produced by nuclear plants will be about 17.6 GW.

By 2032, wind turbines would be installed along the coasts of the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf with the recommended aim of generating 9GW of electricity. This energy will be used primarily for seawater desalination and the conversion of brackish water to potable water.

Waste –to- Energy
Currently, a considerable proportion of all solid waste in Saudi Arabia is placed in landfill sites, although Saudi Arabia started the recycling program many years ago. Waste-to-Energy energy generation technology is mature and clean. KACARE is evaluating different...

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