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Energy Conservation Essay

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Conservation and efficient use of energy in industry has for a long time been a priority of the government on India. In anticipation of enactment of federal legislation on energy management for industry, the state of Government of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and other Southern States, made energy audits mandatory for large-scale energy consuming industries. So among industrial consumers, the aspect of energy conservation is gaining due importance of the realization that “Energy Saved is Energy Produced and that too at Economical Cost”. This paper shares the experience of the authors on energy conservation projects carried out in a textile industry situated in Tamil nadu state. Economic and ...view middle of the document...

Research on Indian industrial sector indicates that around 25% of the total energy consumed by the industrial sector can be saved through energy conservation means.
In this paper, the energy conservation experience of the authors with a textile industry is presented. The selection, and particular, of a textile industry has been considered because of 1) the higher magnitude of electrical energy used in such industries and 2) the large number of textile industries in this country.
Since there is constraint on the investment budget for energy conservation measures imposed by the management of the textile considered, projects conserving only electrical energy have been identified and the implemented since the electricity cost in the total energy cost of the textile industry is found to be around 65%. All other energy conservation measures are reserved for next stage of implementation at a higher budget level.

2. Study Of Existing Conditions
2.1. Industry considered
One of the privately owned medium size spinning and sewing thread industry in Tamil Nadu, producing 15 tons of yarn and 10 tons of sewing thread/day, is the site for which energy conservation measures were carried out during the financial year 2012-2013.
2.2. Electrical demand
This textile industry has four separate low-tension services, receiving electricity from the state electricity board (SEB) under tariff iii B. the permitted maximum demand is around 420KW.
2.3. Consumption
Energy consumption: 10,080 kWh/day
2.4. Elecrticity tariff
The textile industry is situated in a non-metropolitan locality and LT Tariff iii B is applicable at the following rates:

Energy (kWh) charges: Rs. 7/kWh

2.5. Machineries/equpments inventory
The mill engineer’s report indicates the availability of the following machineries and equipments:
Blow rooms- 1
Ring frames- 18
Cone and cheese winding machines- 3
Sewing thread machines
Cards, preparatory machines, draw frames, combers, lap formers, etc.
Diesel generators: 1*500 KVA.
3. Energy auditing
The Board of Directors of the Textile industry decided to go Energy Conservation measures due to the following reasons:

• The industry has served for more than a decade.
• The rise in cost of energy input due to periodic tariff revision by the SEB and also the frequent diesel price rise in every year.
• The Board of the industry is considering the option of going for Renewable Energy Sources in the near future for economic reasons and also to avail the Government’s incentives ,and
• The repeated instructions from the Electricity board, Electrical Inspectorate and state pollution control Board to go in for in for Energy Conservation.

3.1 The Energy Conservation Team (EC Team)

The Energy Conservation Team (EC Team) consist of i) A Associated Professor in Mechanical Engineering with heat transfer as area of...

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