Energy Essay

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Dr. Andrey R. Pavlov
Science 110
April 21, 2012

We recognize energy through the concepts of force and motion. When work is done on an object, it gains energy. Energy is made of two types, potential energy which is stored energy and kinetic energy which consists of moving energy. Food is stored energy. It is stored as a chemical with potential energy. When your body uses that stored energy to do work, it then becomes kinetic energy.(Integrated Science, 2008)
Any form of energy can be converted to another form. Most technological devices that we use are recognized as energy converters. Energy cannot be created, nor destroyed. This is the reason why ...view middle of the document...

These fuels contain carbon, which are all in coal, oil, and gas. The reason they are such an important source of energy is simply because they fuel our economy from the planes, to the cars, heat, and electricity. They are all inexpensive but they are nonrenewable resources, meaning, they take millions of years to develop under extreme conditions. They can’t be recycled into the energy mix. (Fossil Fuels, 2012)
Two different alternatives to retrieve energy other than fossil fuels would be to use solar/wind energy and geothermal energy. With fossil fuels diminishing or polluting the air, there are other natural resources that can be used and are just as beneficial and environmental friendly. With these renewable energy sources becoming more affordable, it is a considerable change but the disadvantages must be outweighed heavily in order to make it an adaptable change for everyone.
Windmill and turbines are becoming more prevalent in farms for rural areas and businesses. A small turbine can produce enough energy for a house or even an entire school. In order for the wind turbine to be effective, wind speed must be able to be able 12 to 14 mph, in order to generate electricity. (Energy Store, 2012) When turbines are grouped together, they are called wind farms and they are able to generate enough electricity to power a city the size of San Francisco.
Solar energy is also another means of gathering natural source of energy through the sun. It’s also the most environmentally friendliest. We can change the sunlight directly electricity using solar cells. Solar cells are also called photovoltaic cells, which can normally be found in calculators and or many small appliances. The advantage of solar energy is that once it recovers the initial...

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