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Ems Plan In Bluemountains Hotel Management School

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Table of content
Introduction 1
The concept of sustainable development 2
Key issues and trends 4
Policies for enhancing sustainability and competitiveness in the tourism and hospitality industry 6
Criticisms of sustainable development in the hotel 8
Conclusion 9
Reference 10

This essay is about the sustainable development in the world especially in the hospitality and tourism industry. In this essay, the writer will introduce the concept of sustainable development first. From this part, the reader will know what sustainable development is and which include in. Then the writer will outline and explain the key issues and trends nowadays for sustainable development. Thirdly, there are some policies for the hospitality and tourism industry to enhancing sustainability development and competitiveness. Following this, there are some examples of criticisms of sustainable development in the hotel. At the end of the essay, the writer will do the conclusion and from this essay, the reader can know more about the sustainable development.

The concept of sustainable development
Sustainability development means hospitality and tourism industry do the development and consumption in sustainability ways. Sustainable development is the result of human reflect on industrial civilization, is the human in order to overcome a series of environmental, economic and social problems, especially the global environmental pollution and wide range of ecological destruction. There are seven key concepts of sustainable development. The first one is futurity. Futurity development usually considered as a longer time structures than that the business and government organizations used commonly. The second concept is inter-generational equity. This concept says that the human nowadays living in the Earth with same natural and cultural, and the generation in the past and future as well.(Weiss, 2015) It is meaning that the generations who inherit the Earth from the past have responsibilities to prevent the environment and pass it to next. The following concept is participation. The...

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