Employment Relations Essay

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Employment relations and law
Assignment One
Employment relations and law
Assignment One

A written commentary discussing how the issues are dealt with in the system from the
3 clippings on issues of concern to employment relations (e.g. dismissals, worker grievances, wage decisions, award decisions.)
A written commentary discussing how the issues are dealt with in the system from the
3 clippings on issues of concern to employment relations (e.g. dismissals, worker grievances, wage decisions, award decisions.)

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Given the three frame of references in employment relations, Singapore embraces pluralism where we assume that organization comprises groups with their own, legitimate interests and leaders. Coming from pluralist perspective, we assume that there will always be differences of interest from the different actors. For instance, managers are always to gain as much profit and productivity whereas workers are more concern about getting good salary and good working conditions. Secondly, we assume that conflict is natural and inevitable. Due to the conflicting interests from both parties, the interference of the government is therefore important where they will influence the relationship by introducing rules and regulations, looking after interests from both parties and try to create industrial harmony. The whole idea is to bring any disputes to a close through an orderly manner.
For example, the recent incident where a lady was rejected for a part-time job because she could not speak Mandarin has triggered the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) as it has violated the Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices. The lady find herself been discriminated and was not given the fair opportunity to apply for the job. One of the key principles of Fair Employment Practice is that employer should recruit and select employees based on their merit such as experience or ability to perform the job, regardless of age, race and gender, religion, marital status or disability.
Furthermore, due to globalization it is increasingly common for an organization to have employees of different generations, genders, nationalities and cultures working together. With a diverse workforce, HR practitioners, managers and union would now need to be better prepared on how to handle workplace incidents which are related to race and religion.
It is important for employer to develop an inclusive workplace through active communication with the employees to make them feel included and valued by the company. By doing so, this will help the employee to feel engaged and motivated at work to put in their best for the organization.
In Singapore, the Employment Act and the Industrial Relations Act set out the minimum terms and conditions of employment and the framework of Industrial relations form the external dimension of the formal institutions. Internally, HR policies and practices can also be documented down in the employee handbook for guidance. This will help to influence any beliefs, customs or actions on how to behave. The significance of institutions in Singapore basically helps to help put any conflict in the right perspective and look for resolution to move ahead so as to achieve harmonious relationship.
The Government also recognize that the workforce profile in Singapore is changing. As the standard of living increases and more Singaporean pursuing for higher tertiary education, it is expected that the number of PMEs will increase in the...

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