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Employment Law Essay

1520 words - 7 pages

Religious Discrimination

1. Freedom of Religion is guaranteed by each state under the 1st Amendment.
Answer: FALSE

2. Religion can be a BFOQ.
Answer: TRUE

3. Accommodating religious beliefs is required unless it presents an undue burden to the employer.
Answer: TRUE

4. An employer is entitled to know of the employee’s religious beliefs before granting an accommodation.
Answer: TRUE

5. The wearing of religious clothing is protected unless it presents an undue hardship.
Answer: TRUE

6. During employment wearing a gold cross which can be seen by others is permissible.
Answer: FALSE

7. An employee’s desire to live in an active religious ...view middle of the document...

In Cloutier v. COSTCO,
a) Cloutier was a member of a recognized religious organization
b) visible piercings were determined to be an undue burden to COSTCO’s personal appearance standards
c) if Cloutier could prove another COSTCO permitted piercings, this would show COSTCO was not consistent in enforcing its personal appearance standards
d) all
e) a and b
Answer: D

16.The 14th Amendment applies ________ to the states.
Answer: freedom of religion

17.An ________ can never ask for more than the religion requires.
Answer: individual

18.The KKK is a ________ organization.
Answer: political

National Origin Discrimination

1. National Origin can be a BFOQ.
Answer: TRUE

2. Discrimination against non citizens is permissible under the Civil Rights Act.
Answer: TRUE

3. Title VII does not apply to American citizens working abroad for a foreign company.
Answer: TRUE

4. An employee cannot claim discrimination because of a spouse’s national origin.
Answer: FALSE

5. Tommy Kim is a WASP, but he was adopted by an Asian family. If he is discharged because of his name, he can not claim national origin discrimination.
Answer: FALSE

6. Membership in an association of a particular national origin is not protected.
Answer: FALSE

7. The required number of workers under the IRCA is 15.
Answer: FALSE

8. The IRCA applies to foreign companies who employ people in the U.S.
Answer: TRUE

9. The Immigration Reform and Control Act applies to employers with at least ________.
a) 3 employees
b) 4 employees
c) 5 employees
d) 12 employees
e) 15 employees
Answer: B

10. National origin discrimination applies to ________.
f) spouse’s national origin
g) ethnic schools
h) national origin surnames
i) a&b
j) all
Answer: E

Discrimination against resident aliens is possible under ________.
k) Civil Rights
l) Immigration Reform and Control Act
m) both
n) neither
Answer: A

12. The following are covered under IRCA:
o) Americans working abroad for a U.S. company
p) Americans working in the U.S. for foreign companies
q) resident aliens who work for foreign companies in the U.S.
r) b&c
s) all
Answer: E

13. In Silva v. St. Anne School,
a) the English only policy was directed toward Hispanic students
b) the English only policy was enforced
c) the English only policy created a hostile education environment.
d) a and b
e) a and c

14. X co. with 10 employees discriminates against green card holders. Is it liable under
a) Civil Rights Act
b) Immigration Reform and Control Act
c) Both
d) neither

15. The requirement of intent to discriminate for national origin is mandated by the ________.
Answer: Immigration Reform and Control Act.

16. IRCA applies to employers of ________ employees.

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