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The best employers to work for are those providing leadership, communication, respect and responsibility for their employees, according to a recent study conducted jointly by the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) and Hewitt Associates.The Best Employers to Work for in Australia 2001 study was based around a survey of 160 Australian companies and 25,000 of their employees. The basis of the survey was a people practices inventory from each company, which set out its HR practices. Other aspects of the survey were an employee opinion survey and a questionnaire completed by the CEO. The findings indicated that the qualities needed by an excellent employer ...view middle of the document...

It means that these ten companies have admirably performed above and beyond the basic requirements of an employer.Salesforce is Australia’s largest outsourced call centre services provider, with over 1000 employees based in its head office in Carlton. There are also field sales teams in all capital cities and call centre operations in New Zealand, and Malaysia. SalesForce began life in 1994.

Salesforce has long since had a reputation for offering its recruits the opportunity to design their own career paths, as well as enviable benefits. It rated seventh on the list of best employers to work for with over 1000 staff. 

Team development manager Stuart French stresses that as no two employees are the same, there is no strict range of benefits offered.

"Our culture and company philosophy recognises that individuals are motivated differently. What one employee finds a benefit of their employment may not have appeal to others so we offer diversity and flexibility in the benefits we offer the team," says French.

"We provide an environment that allows people to be themselves and encourages
creativity and questioning, resulting in a workforce that feels valued and
appreciated," he says.

This philosophy is put into practice through benefits such as massage, work/life balance seminars, financial planning seminars and other information and educational benefits, which are, says French, "part of the norm at SalesForce".French also adds that all employees are placed on a level playing field when it comes to having their desires and opinions heard. "All employees have the communication
avenues to provide their own suggestions to enhance the environment and
continually stimulate motivation and increase productivity," he says.

One of SalesForce’s greatest drawcards is undoubtedly its career pathing programme. All team leaders and project managers started as phone agents, but if they show initiative and drive, are encouraged to move into other roles in the company. Phone veterans are now at work in the IT and finance sections, working as trainers, pursuing new business, coaching agents on client product developments and administration. 

Another example of a top ten company is SC Johnson, a consumer goods company that makes and markets brands such as Glade, Windex, Pledge, Duck, Mr Muscle, Drano and Raid. 

Andrew Meidler, SC Johnson’s Human Resources Director for Australia and New Zealand for the past three years says that there is no one thing that has placed SC Johnson so highly amongst the ten employers, at number seven on the list. 

Meidler explains, "One of the main ways that we can grow our business is through developing new products that solve a consumer’s need. SC Johnson...

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