Employee Surplus Essay

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Employee Surplus

 Introduction
 Problem
 Alternatives
 Implementation
 Timeline
 Decrease in sales revenue
 Abundance of qualified employee
Possible Solutions
 Reduce Hours
 Hiring Freeze
 Voluntary Separation
 Reduction in Force (RIF)
Reduce Work Hours- Pros
 Reduces labor cost
 Able to retain all qualified employees
 Easy to introduce
Reduce Work Hours- Con
 May reduce employee motivation
 Skilled employees may leave company
 Lowers productivity
Hiring Freeze - Pros
 Encourages personal skill building
 Protects current employees from layoffs
 No additional company expense
Hiring Freeze - Cons
 Reduces possible future ...view middle of the document...

Month 8
 Prepare organization for restructuring of current responsibilities
 Fill critical vacancies
Month Nine – Eleven
 Monitor Sales Revenue
 Survey employee productivity
 Adjust workflow
Month Twelve
 If desired target is still unmet, begin research RIF process.
Year One
 Run company with new organizational structure.
 Questions
 Comments
 Suggestions
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