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Employee Relations

An employee relation process is a broad undertaking and involves many different aspect of the management interaction with employee and the employee with the management. Health care organizations typically manage their relationships through the human resource process which is guided by the policy and procedures of the organization (Flynn, Mathis, & Jackson, 2011, p. 203).
Employee relations should be a key factor in the growth of an organization. The success of the organization can be measured by the employee’s satisfaction and should be a top priority of any organization. According to Flynn, Mathis and Jackson (2011), employers base relationships with ...view middle of the document...

185). One of the most important functions of managers is to evaluate their employees based upon their job descriptions. Performance reviews can take place annually or more often as necessary.
At my organization I would upon hire a performance appraisal at thirty, sixty and ninety day intervals setting goals and training needs of the new employee. Then annual performance appraisals are completed thereafter. The Department Managers would complete two different types of evaluations one for the management staff and one for the direct line staff.
The managerial staff and direct line employees are appraised on their performance in thirty-three different areas to encompass critical thinking skills, absenteeism and attendance at the training sessions. The overall objective for either class of employee would be to:
* Assess how the quality of work has gone over the previous thirty, sixty, ninety or last twelve months.
* Set SMART goals that will improve performance and achieving the organizational objective.
* Ascertain whether the job description and competencies are reflective of the position.
* Review any SMART Goals that were previously developed.
* Gain employee feedback.
* Set a designated salary increase based upon the organizational salary increase. Poor performance would not receive an annual increase.
According to Flynn, Mathis and Jackson (2011), Managing employee’s performance is an especially crucial issue for health care organizations that must rely on employees to achieve organizational goal and objectives (p. 199). If the employee was not able to perform with the SMART within the ninety probationary period I would ensure the employee separation from employment was completed prior to the termination of the ninety days.
Setting the desired goals would also encompass the training needs of the employee and organization. Since the health care industry is highly regulated, the mandatory training services would be an automatic requirement. During the theory portion of the new hire orientation the evaluation and training requirements would be identified and provided to the employee in writing.
In setting the SMART goals or training needs of the employee during the evaluation process or disciplinary action process my organization would require the employee to seek outside education/training is the subject was not covered internally.
Significant performance management challenges the organization faces on a daily basis.
The most significant management challenges my organization faces daily is the performance improvement plan. When the employee is hired the plan is reviewed and signature of understanding is obtained. However, the employee either with attendance or failure to follow the job description is a daily concern that must be addressed by me or the departmental managers. When we have three or more performance issues that are related we typically re-educate the staff on the policy and procedures...

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