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Employee Privacy Report

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Employee Privacy Report

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March 28, 2011

University of Phoenix

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Emails are sent on a daily basic communicating the needs of the agency and offenders with regard to custody, education, housing, feeding, transporting and medical needs.

On a daily basic my working environment involves interaction with offenders. Security is the most important aspect of my job. Employees must ensure offenders do not have access to offices, computers, telephones or any other sensitive information. Offices must be occupied by staff or secured. Offenders are not allowed access to computers unless in the educational department or specific job assignment such as clerk within the maintenance department. Computers utilized by offenders are not to have outside access such as internet or emailing capabilities.

Computers with email access or internet access are pass word protected with the agency assigning a user name and password to each individual user. Access is monitored and managed by the technology department. Email is strictly for business use only and personal use will result in formal disciplinary action. Internet is also strictly used for business use unless approved by the Sr. Warden of the facility. The administrator has restricted use and some areas of the internet are blocked and access is denied. Sites such as banks, yahoo mail, e-bay, music sites, Facebook, etc. are blocked sights because they are not sights which would be in any shape or form related to the correctional institute.

In addition to the outside access our agency has an intercommunication sight which provides detailed and specific information for offenders. This information includes their personal information such as age, race, sex, social security number, family history information, confinement history, gang affiliation, disciplinary history and conviction details. Specific offender information is proprietary; access to this information is restricted to administrative staff.

Often Officers feel they should have the abilities to know the offenders offense and institutional history. Staff conveys the feeling of working blind unknowing of the offenders’ capabilities. From the agencies view; all individuals do not make ethical decisions all of the time and not all individuals act professionally and treat offenders without bias. It is our job to confine and control the offenders. Their punishment is sentencing to the institution and it is not our job to continue the punishment through mistreatment. It is consensus; an offender who sexually assaulted a 3 month old child then placing her in the microwave to her death would be...

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