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Employee Performance Essay

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Performance Management Plan
Larry Curry
Virginia McMinn

Performance Management Plan
Over the past few weeks working with Landslide Limousines has been a great pleasure. We have been working to build a solid foundation for the hiring process, as well as developing a compensation and benefits plan that meets the needs of the employees and aligns with the operating goals of the firm. We are at a point now where it is vital to develop a plan for managing the performance and productivity of the work force. In order to effectively implement a performance management plan, management must understand both the technical and interpersonal aspects of the performance management ...view middle of the document...

This understanding comes from direct manager’s feedback about performance. Performance appraisals serve as a tool to help employees improve their overall standards by helping them realize their full potential. A successful plan calls on companies to create a culture of ongoing, continuous feedback between managers and employees (Losey, 2011). This feedback provides a healthy relationship between managers and employees, which allows both sides to gain trust and commitment. The encouragement from managers helps employees to focus on delivering their best possible performance and creates more value for the company. This feedback also provides information to employees and managers for decision making. Once managers have a good idea about employee performance they are able to recommend improvements to those who need it and recognize those who deserve it.
A sure way to promote the growth of the company is to focus on a results driven type of performance management system. Landslide Limousines should be focused on promoting a performance management system that rewards exceptional performance. “In today's labor market, fierce competition for talent and candidates' expectations for some form of an incentive opportunity have placed organizations without some type of performance-based rewards at a distinct disadvantage in recruiting and retaining key employees.” Companies are rapidly developing award programs aimed at rewarding individual, team, or even company performance, or some combination of the three (Hackett & McDermott, 1999). Rewarding employees for their performance give employees more incentive to improve the quality of their work and be more focused on the company’s bottom line. The rationale is that higher compensation is justified because it will reflect superior performance driven by performance-based rewards payouts.
Given this type of performance management system, it is necessary to establish the skills required to complete the numerous positions that need to be filled and how we can differentiate the criteria by which each position will be rated. The process should include describing the duties of the person responsible for the job, the nature of the work and some qualifications necessary for the position. Deciding the duties of the positions and nature of the work will allow for the company to categorize, compare the positions and assign performance standards. Determining the qualifications will ensure the right candidate is hired. In this particular line of business there are a few different positions that need to be considered. The two that stand out the most are drivers and dispatchers. Both positions require great customer services skills, the ability to sit for long periods of time and the ability to navigate and read maps. Drivers have a few more skills that are required considering they have to be able to operate all different types of vehicles, usually require special licensing and are held to a standard of...

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