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Employee Incentives Essay

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Individual Research Paper: Employee Incentives

The purpose of this paper is to discuss incentive programs for teachers. In a society where education is more important as ever, public school districts should be thinking of new ways to encourage their teachers to remain in the educational field. Teachers are leaving their desired profession to find employment that has enhanced incentives. According to Management-People, Performance, Change, “a growing number of companies are launching inititives so that employees can balance their family and work life. The most common inititives are redesigning work, alternative work arrangements, leaves, time-saving assistance, emotional ...view middle of the document...

They felt they were meant to be teachers. Slowly, throughout their careers, they started to lose their passion. Their passion was being replaced with discontentment and frustration. Instead of teaching, they were dealing with company politics and bureaucracy. The teachers said they do not need all the incentives that other businesses have. The employee incentives they want are competitive salaries, affordable health care, competitive retirement packages, cash bonuses, Dossier and new highly qualified licenses fee decrease, and having an input in school district decisions. They also said they have become frustrated because every year they were promised a bonus but they never received it (Teacher Interviews, 2012). A teacher (not the teachers I interviewed) wrote an email to their district. The email stated, “To the District Office: Whatever happened to the bonus we were promised at the beginning of the school year? It was supposed to be a consolation prize for not getting a raise for 5 years. Now, we don’t even get the consolation prize. And: When do we at least get cost of living… And a raise for our supposedly “job well done?” Praise is nice, but your actions speak so loud I cannot hear what you say!” (Teacher’s email, 2012). The email is a prime example of the frustration many teachers have and why incentive programs are so important to the educational population.
The teachers are not alone in their belief that incentives would entice teachers to stay in their field. According to the website article by Debra Viadero, “researchers recruited by the National Center on Performance Incentives at Vanderbilt University, offer findings on the wide landscape of performance incentives used in schools in this country and around the world. For instance, they explore how promises of better pay can be used to entice teachers to hard-to-staff schools, track what happens when teachers design their own performance-pay plans, look at the legal aspects of traditional pay-for-performance plans, and present studies from abroad on educators’ experiences with cash inducements.”
Although offering better pay, affordable benefits, and other type of incentives seem to be an efficient way to keep good teachers in their school district, it’s not the only way to persuade teachers to stay. The teachers I spoke with said they wanted to be able to give input in decisions made in their schools. They want their voices heard. They felt they could make their school environment better because they are with...

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