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Employee Behavior Essay

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Employee Behavior
I am writing this note to set straight some issues I have observed concerning employees behavior at work. I understand the nature of being bored and trying to spice up the day but some of the events I have encountered are just not deemed appropriate behavior in the workplace. My goal here is not to point out these instances or to place the blame on any individual but to make it clear as to what kind of behavior is tolerated.
Employees should be kind and respectful to one another. We all have to spend a lot of time together and there is no place for disrespect of any kind. We must learn ...view middle of the document...

I understand that many believe that because we have a faculty’s department that is ok to leave our trash lying around because someone will eventually come along and pick it up. I will clear this up for any who have doubts. Clean up after yourself! The people hired to clean up are not here to clean after you they are here to keep up on the general maintenance of the building.

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Smoking has become an issue as of late. There have been several complaints issued by customers regarding employees smoking near the entrance. Everyone must be aware of the new laws regarding smoking near entrance and exit doors surrounding the building. There is a minimum distance of 25 feet that a person must stand while smoking. I would like us to take it a step further though. I do not want to see any person smoking closer than 100 ft from any door. I know that some people may consider this a hassle but you must take other people in to consideration.
Once again I’d like to reiterate the fact that I am not trying to point the finger at anyone one person. In fact I would like all to know that you will not be held accountable for any mistakes you have made to this day but if after reading this you are caught violated any of these rules affirmative action will be taken. I just hope that with these guidelines we can learn to work well together and live in peace.

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