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Employability/Transferable Skills required by graduate recruiters

Chapter 1 2
Section 1.0 Introduction 2
Section 1.1 Rationale 2
Chapter 2 2
Section 2.0 Employability and Transferable Skills 2
Section 2.1 Employability Skills 2
Section 2.2 Transferable Skills 3
Chapter 3 3
Section 3.0 Employer Research - Call to Action 3
Section 3.1 Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) 3
Section 3.2 Employers satisfaction with graduates employability skills 4
Section 3.3 Entrepreneurial Skills 5
Section 3.4 Work Experience 5
Chapter 4 5
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(CBI, Future Fit: Preparing graduates for the world of work, 2009, p2)
The CBI definition of employability include the following skills:

Self-management, team work, business and customer awareness, problem solving, communication and literacy, application of numeracy, application of information technology.(CBI, 2009)

2.2 Transferable Skills
Transferable skills are explained by Bradford University as:
"Transferable skills are developed in many ways and can be used in a variety of situations, across the whole spectrum of employment. They can include skills such as the ability to communicate, to work in a team and to organise other people. There are many other skills, which can be transferred from one situation to another". (University of Bradford, 2014)

Further research has attributed these skills to the following:
People Skills, Personal Skills, General Skills. (Learn Direct, 2014)
The CBI Future Fit report confirmed that Students should have a wide range of skills to ensure a smooth transition into the workplace. Additionally, students should have a willingness to learn new skills and be effective in putting forward new ideas to contribute to business development and future growth. (CBI, 2009)
3.0 Employer Research
3.1 Science, technology, engineering and math's (STEM)
Richard Lambert Director-general, CBI, has raised the awareness of STEM in the report CBI/EDI Education and Skills Survey 2010, stating that “Our survey found employers calling for action to improve the quantity and quality of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) graduates, with almost half of firms still experiencing difficulties recruiting STEM skilled staff. These skills will be vital if the UK is to harness opportunities in growth areas such as green technologies and creative industries". (CBI/EDI, 2010, p11)
Action has now been taken by many universities to align STEM disciplines to employer demands, however, there are still needs to be considered within the curriculum planning.(CBI/EDI, 2010)

3.2 Employer Feedback

In the report Ready to grow, Business Priorities for Education and Skills Survey 2010, Richard Lambert, Director-general, CBI stated: "With a new government starting work, businesses in our survey have sent very clear messages to all parts of the system – Government, schools, colleges and universities – on the outcomes that must be achieved". (CBI/EDI, Education and Skills Survey, 2010, p4)
Findings from this survey, report that employers remain dissatisfied with the levels of employability skills young people (including graduates) are leaving education with. A summary of these findings include:
* 57% of employers are unhappy with young people's self-management skills - expecting them to be more able to accept responsibility and manage their time in the workplace.
* 68% of employers are dissatisfied with the lack of business...

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